Your customers can visit

from anywhere,

at anytime

How a RealmVR virtual tour can present your business:

Inside View


Visitors can tour a high resolution 3D digital twin of your bulding right from their browser.

Explore with ease, similar to a video game experience.



Tag areas of interest with embedded multimedia
including MP4 video, annotated text, external web links,
images and audio.

Dollshouse View


Your customer can explore your building floor-by-floor in interactive “Dollshouse” model. Select any area to instantly teleport back in to the inside view.

2D & 3D Schematics


Generate detailed floor-plan schematics with highly accurate measurements. We can also provide 3D models of your building that are compatible with BIM software.

Matterport 3D Platform


RealmVR utilises the industry leading Matterport 3D scanning technology to generate immersive online experiences of any property.

Invite customer and prospective buyers to your business, premises or property 24 hours a day, from any location.

HDR Photographs


As part of the package  high resolution images are included for your marketing purposes. Beautiful 4k quality images for web and print production.